Learning About Manchester

UK Partners present homework for e-learning in this video link:

Our volunteers ask you a series of questions about Manchester Museum and our city.

We look forward to your answers!

And … the answers are:

from RO team:
Who is the architect of Manchester Museum?
The famous architect that designed Manchester Museum is Alfred Waterhouse.

from BG team:
Which industry is Manchester most famous for?
Manchester is most famous for the textile industry which was its leading manufacture during the Industrial revolution around the turn of 19th century. Thanks to it Manchester rapidly grew in size and became the first industrialized city.

from PL team:
Which Manchester band provides music for this video?
The song is called Waterfall and is made by the Stone Roses a famous “madchester” band.

from PT team:
The two football stadiums in Manchester are the Old Trafford (Manchester United) and Eithad Stadium(Manchester City).

The mascot of Manchester United is Fred the Red (a Red Devil with a fork).
The mascot of Manchester City is Moonchester and Moonbeam (a condor with a caravel on the chest and           3 big beams(moonbeams) on the top.

from LT team:
How much rain fell in Manchester last year? Manchester got  up to 1 meter rainfall in 2012.

from HR team:
Who discovered Tutankhamun s thumb? Watch the vide0!



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