About us (UK)

UK – The Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum is a University museum, it is one of three of Manchester University’s’ cultural assets which also include the Whitworth Art Gallery and John Rylands Library.Our international collection contains over 4.5 million objects encompassing both the natural sciences and humanities.

Permanent collections include Ancient Egypt, Live Animals, Pre Historic Life and Living cultures.

The Manchester Museum is home to one of the largest and most important collections of ancient Egyptian artefacts in the UK, this week our new Ancient World galleries open. Ancient Worlds will showcase the best of our outstanding archaeology and Egyptology collections in stunning new galleries.

The Manchester Museum has a long established commitment to working with volunteers. It recognises that the volunteer programme is an essential part of its service and that volunteers:

  • Bring fresh enthusiasm and motivation to a variety of roles and projects
  • Contribute to the goals, aims and objectives of its work
  • Complement the skills of paid staff
  • Bring new perspectives into the organisation
  • Help build links with local communities
  • Provide opportunities for staff to develop new skills

Volunteers contribute to the Museum in many different ways, roles include:

  • Object Handling
  • Meeting and greeting visitors
  • Supporting Education staff
  • Helping at family, adult and outreach events
  • Collections cataloguingin behind the scenes departments

Object handling, where our collections are brought to life everyday by trained volunteers is a key role for volunteers and we currently have five themed handling tables operating in our galleries:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Living Worlds
  • Money
  • Manchester Gallery
  • Live Animals

As part of the University of Manchester, the Museum is committed to lifelong learning and constantly seeks to provide exciting opportunities and innovative ways to involve our volunteers.

The Museum has been involved in a number of Grundtvig funded projects, which have provided unique learning opportunities and experiences for the organization, our staff and volunteers.

Projects include…

  • Volunteers of Cultural Heritage
  • Museums Literacy
  • The LEM project
  • And now… This is us. Our Place. Our Culture.

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