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J?DIY – Jewellery? Do it yourself!

How to make some extraordinary jewellery and by the same way be eco? Reade those very simple tips:

1.  First of all try to find some objects, which can be recycled. For sure you can use:
– buttons
– bottle caps
– old zips
– every small plastic element
– ribbons and laces
– old, broken earrings, necklaces, watches
– parts of mechanisms (from computer, watch, remote control etc.)
– everything what looks like useless, but has interesting shape or colour
2. Now, try to imagine, that all those elements ale puzzles. Create some known objects by them like animals, flowers, plants, character.
3. The second way of working, is to find objects in the similar colour, and put them together as a nice composition.
4. Now, to make brooch, you will need some base for it. You can use piece of plastic, wood or metal which is bigger and flat (like lid of jar or cream box), and on that base you put your prepared composition.

You will need:
– some good glue: 1. to small elements you can use thin glue which will help you to be precise, 2. for bigger elements (especially wood or fabric) you use hot silicone glue from glue pistol.

As a buckle you can use something professional from dry goods shop, or just a safety pin.  And here I add some inspiration:

pokrętło IMG_6482 IMG_5571 IMG_5567 blacha otwieraczki brąz nici różowe kuraUSB ołówki (2)


Kasia Jaruga


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