Local activities (LT)

  1. Activity “Seed bombs workshop”.

After meeting in Lithuania some local volunteers were inspired by little boy Luka from Zagreb.  Luka was walking and throwing little seed bombs around Salakas. He explained that these bombs are helping for our planet to reduce CO2 and make the land greener.  As we find out latter on internet – Seed bombing is a technique of introducing vegetation to land by throwing or dropping compressed bundles of soil containing live vegetation (seed balls).  In 2014 June, we invited handicapped youngsters from Maguciai education center (Zarasai district) to participate in the in the workshop “Seed bombs”. With youngster we talked about different types of seeds, about how seed are traveling around the world, and made seed bombs.

Take a look at our wonderful seed bombsJ

You can try to make seed bomb by following instructions. Click on link: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Seed-Bomb

Photos in the folder (No.1)


2. Workshop “Artistic poem”

On 30 November, 2013,  our local volunteers organized event “Artistic reading”.  We invited theatre and cinema actor Krystyna Adamiec from Warsaw (Poland).  She is volunteering in project partners organization „OKO“ as well. She presened for us the wonderful performance in the culture house of Salalas. K. Adamiec was reading national epic poem Pan Tadeusz.  Adam Mickiewicz is regarded as national poet in Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. After event together with local volunteers we visited the manor in Dūkštas (Ignalina distr) where the famous poet was spending his summers. Our local group was learning a lot from K.Admiec how to act on the stage, intonate, express your emotions.


Photos in folder No.2

3. New theater group In Salakas

In 2012, two persons from Lithuania (Organization “Gebėjimų ugdymo centras” Rasa and Vytas participated in project “This is us: our place! Our culture” partners meeting in Zagreb (Croatia). During this meeting they learned various methods of communication, mainly using theater, methods.  After meeting they organized the workshop for local community in Salakas. Many interactive methods ware implemented. We find out, that performing is a good way to relax, learn to communicate, act on the stage, and we started our local theater group. Of course, Rasa was the main person which motivated us to learn and practice more and more. And on 29 June, 2013 our group invited local community to the first performance “The Pink panther”. The comedy was amazing, our group got many invitations to perform in other places. We performed more than 5 times in Utena, Užpaliai, Smalvos, Degučiai and Salakas.  It was great to send message to people, stand up and perform, learn to communicate, learn to act, and enjoy!


Photos in the folder No.3






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