IS – SEEDS – Volunteering for Iceland

IS – SEEDS – Volunteering for Iceland – Sjálfboðaliðar umhverfis landið

Founded in 2005, SEEDS Iceland is an Icelandic non-governmental, non-profit  volunteer organisation designed to promote intercultural understanding, environmental protection and awareness through work on environmental, social and cultural projects within Iceland.

SEEDS works closely with local communities, local authorities, individuals and other Icelandic associations both to develop projects in partnership, aimed at fulfilling an identified need, and to give vital assistance to established initiatives. Projects are designed to be mutually beneficial to all involved: the volunteers, the local hosting communities and Iceland as a whole.

Our projects in Iceland are supported by the local hosts and the volunteers participating in the project themselves; additionally we receive strong support for our long-term projects from the Youth in Action and Life Long Learning programmes of the European Commission.

Since 2005 SEEDS  has hosted over 4000 international and local volunteers in our projects all around Iceland. In this time we increased our work with various environmental and conservation projects, we raised the number of projects related to culture, cultural activities, festivals & sports gatherings, and experimented with a number of new project concepts, including language and environmental education projects.

During 2011 we organised 100 projects located in every corner of Iceland; we hosted over 1000 international volunteers from 55 different countries, performing over 75.000 hours of valuable volunteer work. At the same time we sent 30 Icelanders to projects around the world.

SEEDS – Volunteering for Iceland – Sjálfboðaliðar umhverfis landið


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