Programme (HR)

Programme of
1st partner meeting / Zagreb, 23. – 26. 10. 2012.
theme: kick off meeting + ICT workshops


Aims of the meeting, with expectations:
a) to become the group: improve communication within the group, provide drama communication exercises
b) to plan realisation of the project: in next period (till august 2013.) and during all project
c) to start to work on project results: web page with blogs and facebook groups, using EST (European Shared Treasure), methods of e-learning, survival language kit, project reportage, how to make a booklet, creation of common posters and leaflets
d) to make good platform for sustainable communication within two years of project

Workshop sessions:
1. Drama communication exercises
aims: to practice and to provide drama communication exercises, from this workshop we will support materials for transfer of knowledge (“how to do” instructions)
leader: Maja Kovač, professional actress and dancer, choreographer and drama teacher
during the workshops we will have four groups of exercises
1) getting to know game, confidence game, games nonverbal communication (Games: Help, Mirror, Duel, Black Box, Trio) OBJECTIVE: To better understand ourselves and others, read and interpret body language while communicating with others, actively observe,
2) games of nonverbal communication, group games (games: The Object in 10 seconds, Photo Story, Television)
3) Games of verbal communication, Gibberish (Games, Office for lost things, Gibberish duo commands, Poetry translator, Eccentrink’s) OBJECTIVE: express his own ideas clearly and understandably, actively listen,
4) Games of cooperation (games: Amnesia, Dubbed Movie, 8 sentences), OBJECTIVE: respect and accept others’ ideas

2. IT workshops
aims: together creation of the web space and tools for online comunication
leader: Roberto Mesir, youth leader, organizer, politologist and user of modern information-communication technologies on daily basis / Ljiljana Grabar, IT specialist, leader of computer courses in DPU
content: working with WordPress themes and creation of project web page, step by step: how to put information on web page and how to use all benefits from it. Putting first information on the web page: about project, partner organizations, 1st survival language kit (mini dictionary), “how to do” for drama communication exercises. Making platform for first blogs of project participants, making Facebook groups on each partner language. Putting first information about the project on EST – European Shared Treasure.

Thinking and planning session: the best possibilities for e-learning about host countries.

3. Survival language kit

aims: to suggest the process for together making survival language kits – mini dictionaries
leader: Mirjana Podvorac, English and Italian teacher in DPU
content: before Zagreb city tour, we all will make, under the professional guidance, our 1st city survival language kits (on our all national languages).



Monday, 22. 10. 2012.
– arrivals, possible together dinner in town

Tuesday, 23. 10. 2012.
9 h / meeting in the Hotel
9.30 h / way to Dubrava People’s University (DPU)
11 h / DPU / opening session:
– presentation of the project
– presentation of the 1st partner meeting programme
– short presentations of the organisations

12.30 – 13.30 h / lunch break: international lunch snacks
– Croatian traditional food and taste of all 7 partner’s countries

13.30 – 15, 15.30 – 17 h / DPU / workshop sessions 1
a) drama communication exercises
b) IT workshops

18 / together dinner in Restaurant Kvatrić

Wednesday, 24. 10. 2012.
10 – 11.30, 12 – 13.30 h / DPU / workshop sessions 2
a) making survival language kits
b) IT workshops

13.30 – 14.30 h / DPU / lunch snacks

15 h / Discovering the City: funny way to know the Zagreb, team building activity with using Croatian survival language kit! (start point DPU)
19 h / together dinner in town

Thursday, 25. 10. 2012.
9 h / meeting in the Hotel, making groups for … meets museums: visits and meetings in Zagreb museums

12.30 – 13.30 h / DPU / lunch snacks

13.30 – 15, 15.30 – 17 h / DPU / workshop sessions 3
a) drama communication exercises
b) IT workshops

18 h / together dinner in Restaurant Kvatrić

Friday, 26. 10. 2012.
free morning for participants
10 – 12 h / coordinator meeting

12.30 – 13.30 h / DPU / lunch snacks

13.30 – 15, 15.30 – 17 h / DPU / reflections and evaluations
– presentations of workshop results
– what next: planning local activities, online communication and next meetings
– meeting evaluation

18 h / together dinner in Restaurant Kvatrić

Saturday, 27. 10. 2012.


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