Barbara in Bulgaria

       Kate, Arnold and Barbara went to Bulgaria and stayed in  a Town called Lovech.

                                                     This is what happened.

 The town of Lovech is an ideal spot to provide a glimpse into the rich culture of Bulgaria.

  Lush mountain scenery and pretty villages, the landscape dotted with architectural gems giving clues to its history.

 It seemed like the rest of eastern Europe joined us in a feast of food and ideas and shared vision

 of the future.

                                     Our Week in Bulgaria (and an alternative European Union)

                                                            (In no particular order)

   We flew across Europe arriving in Sofia at 23.00. we took a taxi to our hotel in the old quarter of

     the city.

   The next day we travelled by bus for 2.5 hrs. passing through 5 tunnels in the mountains.

   We reached Lovech at midday and were shown to our fab hotel, our rooms as big as apartments!

   We  walked across the town square and the famous covered bridge.

   We  watched as clay and paint were organised into beautiful pottery

    We sewed, using plastic strips and plaited wrist bands from strands of wool.

    We gazed in awe and lit candles at the Troyan Monastery, guardian of the third hand.

    We were welcomed by the Mayor and  warmed by the sun.

     We shopped.

     We all cooked together in a community kitchen, uncertain of the results!

     We tasted and ate lots of amazing food.

We tried speaking in  many languages as we met people from Bulgaria, Roumania, Poland, Croatia, Lithuania, Iceland, Portugal,  Bosnia and  Macedonia.

We laughed and we sang.

 When the music began, we danced and all languages dissolved into one.

                                            This is us, our place, our culture.

                                                           Our Europe.


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