Arnold in Bulgaria

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This was a very rewarding and stimulating trip that was intense at times but always extremely enjoyable. There is something very special and exciting about meeting people from other countries and learning about and trying to appreciate their cultures. Sharing volunteering experiences was a major theme of the week and there was an enthusiastic desire to exchange ideas. English was the communicating language throughout the group but several, who spoke and understood English well, apologised for creating a new type of English but I believe that listening to different pronunciations helps to improve our own English. Each of the leaders gave a presentation highlighting the projects of their organisations. Some, like ours, focus on developing the skills and confidence of the volunteer, whilst others focused on how volunteers can help their community and environment. It was alarming to learn of the present condition of some of the Balkan countries and the massive reconstruction job still to be undertaken but reassuring to know that volunteers are playing their part. I hope to develop some of the contacts I made and learn a lot more about their countries and languages. At times this was a challenging experience for me after a recent health scare but it helped enormously in restoring faith in my ability to undertake and participate in such projects. 


Arnold Bradshaw



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